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Odors 2We are often asked about these services and we do provide them. As a general rule, high quality cleaning agents not only clean carpets, but also disinfect in the process. Similarly, subtle odors are also removed by quality products. However, there are situations where they are necessary and provide a real benefit.

If you sustain a flood, the carpets often develop an odor caused by bacteria. This is where a specialized disinfectant is highly desirable as it is designed to neutralize the unpleasant smells. These products include antimicrobials, mildicides, fungicides which address these problems. There are other products designed for more severe situations that are more contaminating.

If your household has pets, you might have have urine-related issues and other types of animal odors. There are products designed to help break down and neutralize the naturally released toxins.  In other situations some animals leave other scents which these products also address.

So, the next time you have your carpets or area rugs cleaned, regular cleaning products will probably do the job and you’ll save money.  However, if a specific problem exists, then let us help you make the best decision.

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