Supreme Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service (established 1990)

We are a fully insured owner-operated business serving Westchester County, NY and lower Fairfield County, CT.  Our objective is to deliver the best possible services at an affordable rate and develop a long term relationship with our customers.

Services are generally performed on-site. We also offer on-site Oriental rug and area rug cleaning as an option at a reduced rate and will advise if circumstances require that they be sent out.  For all of the services we offer, looking at the condition of items and whether there are ongoing problems such as pet problems help determine the most practical and economical decision.

We spend time asking important questions to understand our customer needs so that we can provide the best possible results. We provide a free and accurate estimate on the phone, or at your location if necessary.  There’s never a surprise when it comes to what we charge as we explain how we price our services.  We handle your furnishings with care and pay close attention to detail. We use only high quality, environment friendly cleaning agents that are safe for your family members and pets.

Our Services

Our primary services include cleaning wall to wall carpets, Oriental rugs, a wide variety of area rugs, stairs and stair runners, and all types of upholstery including sofas, love seats, sectional sofas, chairs, settees, ottomans, hassocks, and various types of seats. In addition, we provide pet odor services, pet stain removal, mildew odor treatment and treating a variety of odors using specialized deodorizers when needed.

We provide guidance so that customers make the right decisions.  Sometimes it’s better to replace an item rather than cleaning it due to age and condition.  We don’t raise our prices because others do. Hence our prices haven’t gone up very much in the past 27 years.

 Our Cleaning Process and Commitment to our Customers

By paying attention to detail, everything is cleaned and serviced in a uniform manner. Your carpets and area rugs are machine processed or cleaned by hand with the appropriate equipment. Your upholstery is cleaned with delicate precision with a focus on contoured areas that require special attention. Soil is carefully removed as upholstery is sometimes delicate.  This provides the best possible results and extends the life of your furnishings.

We make recommendations on what you can do to protect the condition of your furnishings. Simple things such as outdoor mats are highly effective at limiting gritty or oily contaminants tracked in from outside.  Chair guards under desks help prevent premature damage to carpets from the wheels of desk chairs.  These can often be purchased locally at stores that sell office furniture and accessories. Routine maintenance such as vacuuming is very beneficial so that your carpets, rugs and upholstery stay in tip top shape.


Our Free Resources

You will find our website to be very informative.  Our services page and Consumer Advice BLOG section provide useful information that can help consumers avoid common mistakes.  The articles address many common concerns.