Should I do anything to prepare for your arrival?
We provide a full service. We’ll move your furniture and move it back in position as we clean the carpets. We want our cleaning service to be painless so that you can tend to more important things. We recognize you might have many valuables and we take extra caution to ensure that the job is done flawlessly.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

What is your cleaning method?
We perform hot water extraction which is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. This is the preferred method of the major carpet manufacturers and is considered the most thorough process for cleaning carpets as well as area rugs and upholstery. For delicate area rugs and upholstery, we use the appropriate water pressure, detergents and equipment. We are outfitted to handle homes, apartment buildings and offices.

Does cleaning shorten the life of your carpets and upholstery or cause them to have to be cleaned more often?
That’s a myth. Dust, dirt and oily substances ultimately accumulate on your carpets and area rugs. On upholstery, exposure to natural body oil such as fingerprints, particularly the arms, edges of cushions and pillows gradually changes the material surface and can be the source of permanent damage. The appearance of your furnishings decline and their useful life is shortened.  The useful life of your furnishings will be extended through proper maintenance and cleaning.

When can I walk on my carpets or sit on my upholstery after you clean them?
Generally you can walk on carpets and area rugs immediately. We recommend wearing any foot wear with rubber soles as anything with leather can mark your newly cleaned carpets. If coming from the outside while the carpets are still drying, it’s a good idea to wipe the soles of footwear with a damp towel.  Walking in socks or bare feet is unnecessary and uncomfortable.

For upholstery, the cushions and frame should be completely dry prior to normal use.  The cushions should remain stacked until completely dry.

Can my pets walk on the cleaned carpets?
We always recommend that you keep the pets off the carpets until they are dry. Although the cleaning agents are considered safe, since they’re biodegradable, they neutralize as they dry.  For upholstery, keeping the cushions stacked during drying will discourage your pets from jumping up on the sofas and chairs.




We get many questions about what services and products are beneficial, how to handle emergency situations and avoid damaging things, and so forth.  So we created a BLOG.  We periodically update this as a source of useful information.  You’ll find the information reliable and designed to help you save money by explaining how to respond to emergencies, avoid the mistakes commonly made when dealing with unexpected spills or merely trying to remove stains.  Since we don’t market certain products and services that others do, we explain why we believe they’re not a good value.


We also get questions from customers concerning various types of home improvement issues. Although our focus is primarily carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning, many customers have questions about other services.  As we work in many communities, we don’t refer other businesses.

Below is some basic information that you might find useful. Generally you should always speak to a highly qualified specialist in your area as there are many factors that need to be considered to provide the best solution.

Minor Wood Floor Scratches
Although regular floor care is very important to ensuring the maximum life of your hard wood floors, small scratches are very common and can be dealt with simply.  There are a variety of chair leg protectors that can used so that scratches don’t develop.  But consideration should be given to the character and value of the furniture.  I wouldn’t alter an antique, for example.  But for the scratches that develop from dragging furniture over wood floors, you can often use wood stain markers.  Your local paint stores typically sell these products, but always ask questions to ensure they’re right for your floors.

Wood Floor Care
You have an investment in your hardwood floors. You wonder how you should maintain them, when is it advisable to refinish or merely have them treated with sealants such as polyurethane. If the floors are laminated or engineered, normal maintenance involves damp mopping and no waxing or sanding. If they’re natural hardwood floors, they typically come sealed with urethane. Generally floors that are dulled or mildly damaged can be revitalized by a professional with a sealant. This usually requires a screen sanding for the proper adhesion of the sealant. Heavily trafficked areas should have more than one and possibly several coats to provide longer durability.

Floors that are clearly damaged with grooves or worn gray-like areas lacking the original finish are susceptible to further problems such as moisture damage. If they can’t be repaired or sealed, refinishing is an option. However, keep in mind that hardwood flooring can only be refinished a few times depending upon the degree of sanding involved to eliminate deep damage. It’s in every homeowner’s best interest not to let the floors become seriously damaged so that deep sanding can be avoided when refinishing is required. One way to gauge how much wood surface remains is to pick up a floor register and take a lateral look to get an idea of the thickness of the wood. If a professional tells you your floors have reached their last refinishing, take that advice as great advice. Maintain them well because the next step will involve replacing the floor boards, and possibly sub-flooring and other costly repairs.

Window Treatments
Your upholstery, area rugs and carpets and various other furnishings are subject to light which causes a gradual loss of color. Worse than that, the sun peeks into your windows and has the potential to do far more damage to the color and durability of the fabric. This gradual damage over time can become unsightly, and in the case of upholstery, can be more profound since various materials are more sensitive to this type of damage.  This is a familiar problem and certainly worth mentioning.  Customers should consult with the vendor of their choice that provides window treatment services to help minimize the damage caused by harmful ultraviolet light.