Customer Testimonials

I had a great experience with Supreme Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service.  We had our carpets & sofa cleaned and the work was terrific!  The technician was punctual, professional and did an outstanding job.  He removed stains, I thought would never come out and he did it carefully. Very friendly, knowledgeable and great to do business with. I highly recommend calling this service and will do business with them again.

CM. 3/15/17

He came the very same day that we needed him! We’ve used him about 3 times now, total, and every time he has made our beige carpet look new. We have many babies spending time on this carpet so its seen pretty much every kind of stain imaginable.


Kitty K. (YELP review) 11/4/16

VERY thorough and meticulous.  I was impressed that he even pulled my stuff out from under the bed to give the best clean possible.  He also removed some stains that I thought were impossible and left a little stain remover for touch-ups on one tough spot.  He was able to work me in the same day that I called, which was so helpful, and although he arrived 1.5 hours later than he initially said, he worked quickly without sacrificing quality.  I would definitely recommend him.


Elisa K. (YELP review) 12/29/15 Mamaroneck, NY

My dog made a mess and I needed emergency cleaning.  Supreme came out quickly and did a great job.  I also had them clean my sofa which was also claimed by my little pup and everything looks great.  Highly recommend!


Teresa Archili 10/14/14 Harrison, NY

Great job. The price was right and the work was done really fast. I was very pleased..The upholstery and area rugs came out great despite my two cats.


My dogs decided to have their own super bowl party and somehow got into the garbage and dragged out whatever suited them and my sofa and area rug were on the front line.  Although I’m sure they were delighted, we weren’t.  We called Supreme with doubts that anything could be done and were totally surprised at the results.  Everything was restored to perfect condition.  Thanks Supreme for the emergency service.

Matt H. 2/3/14

testimonial1Really nice technician. Gave me an estimate on the phone that actually was on target, took out a water stain on the arm of my white linen arm chair, courtesy of my son Jacob, as well as his other works of art on my living room carpet. Totally relieved although my husband and I would like a change of venue for my son’s creativity.

Chante Mc. Wallach 3/7/13

Very impressed with this company. They provided an extremely reasonable quote, was true to their word, did a wonderful job on my carpets, and it’s a pleasure to look at how things were restored to almost brand new condition. I can’t say enough.

Harriet L. 2/27/13 Riverside, CT

This service was really great. I have a richly designed beige floral kilim rug that my wonderful dog decided to get sick on in various locations. The company technician came in cleaned the surface of the rug and spent an hour removing the remaining discoloration and rings around the edges of the spots and there are no visible stains left. Another local service that insisted on estimating the damage and taking it to their location wanted to charge vastly more without any guarantee of success and I opted for Supreme. Saved a lot and my husband still loves the dog.

Jenna Louise 1/19/13

Very happy with the work. Had two love seats cleaned and they look great. The original white color just smiles with a big grin. Not only was the price extremely fair, my furniture is over 10 years old and they helped me understand what I need and what I don’t need. That type of honesty is really welcome. The usual sticker shock went into hiding.

Susan R. 12/12/12