Oriental Rug that we clean to look like newPrice quotes on Oriental rug cleaning, cleaning custom area rugs or even inexpensive machine woven area rugs tend to be on the high side.  This occurs because many companies only offer cleaning at their own location or a plant facility. This involves having them picked up, sent for processing, neatly wrapped and delivered, unwrapped and re-laid. This is expensive because plant operation expenses and pickup and delivery transportation costs increase the price tremendously. Some companies are merely middlemen who mark up the price but don’t perform the cleaning themselves.  However, not all rugs need to be sent out for cleaning.  A less expensive and more convenient alternative is on-site cleaning.  Instead of having to schedule a pick up and then a delivery, the work is done at your home which is convenient to the homeowner.  For many rugs, on-site rug cleaning is both practical and economical. We offer this service and our customers save as much at least 50% and avoid waiting to have their rugs returned.

The decision to clean on-site or send out generally relates to the condition of the rug, construction or repair needs and often the value of the rug.  Equally important, if a rug is being sent out, it should go to a facility that is properly equipped.  Investments in plant facilities, drainage systems and increased labor costs are necessary for the plant to operate.  Hence a decision to go this route is an expensive proposition and should be based on a need for this type of cleaning.

Some companies are not adequately outfitted and merely take the rugs out and duplicate what is done on-site. The premium paid exceeds the true value of this service.  In this instance, there is very little return on the added investment.


In instances where rugs don’t have severe problems, on-site cleaning can be a great alternative.  Conversely, if a rug is really soiled or has very severe odors such as those caused by animals, it’s probably a good decision to send it out providing it’s being done properly.

There are a variety of methods such as washing on elevated tiles or in a washing pit to allow complete release of the rug contaminants.  Mini plants are quite useful for this. Larger facilities have advanced capabilities to process higher volumes of rugs. However, the experience of the person cleaning the rugs is usually the most important factor.

Construction and Repairs

Certain rugs require very specific processing relating to construction. Some rugs have to be blocked to prevent warping during cleaning.  Others are poorly constructed with inferior or sensitive material which would present added cleaning difficulties. These types of rugs typically have to be sent out.

Other rugs can’t merely be cleaned but require repairs that range from simple to highly complex. Some lose their shape and have to be stretched and squared. Some require complex have dye fabrication, rebinding, re-fringing  or intricate re-weaving.  This type of work involves craftsmanship and is often sent out. Also, some customers need their rugs to be stored and opt to also have them cleaned off-site because it’s practical. In the absence of any of these needs, on-site cleaning, once again, is a great option.


Value relates to many factors such as whether the rug is hand made vs. machine made, construction, origin, age and other characteristics.  From a cleaning standpoint, value becomes more of a factor if the rug is inexpensive since sending it out can be very costly relative to value, or the cost sometimes exceeds the value.  In instances where there are recurring issues such as those caused by pets or toddlers, repeatedly sending out rugs only to have them re-soiled is impractical as the expenses add up quickly. On the other hand, regardless of the value of the rugs, if condition and construction are not a concern, most rugs can be cleaned just as effectively on-site and the tremendous savings and convenience are a real benefit.

Many people recognize that cleaning is a typical part of maintenance regardless of the value of the rug.  Because our prices are very reasonable, our on-site cleaning process option will be affordable for all rugs and you will love the convenience of not parting with themTwo things worth noting are advertisements listing free pick up and delivery is misleading since those costs are factored into the far more expensive rates.  Pick up and delivery is time consuming and obviously transportation costs represent real expenses.  Secondly, there is a wide range of prices in the market place for plant processing.  As a consumer, you have the right to understand who is cleaning the rug and where the cleaning is being done.  Some companies outsource their work and mark up the prices which ultimately inflates the market rate of plant processing in general, and that unfairly causes rates to spiral upward.


Our On-Site Process

The perimeter of the rug is hand cleaned with a special tool designed for this purpose. The borders of rugs are typically sensitive to high traffic and should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid premature damage to the edges.

The rugs are properly prepared during the cleaning process.  We avoid the use of pre-sprays  by relying on equally effective cleaning techniques that are better for the rugs and avoid the possibility of residues.

The appropriate water temperature is used to avoid bleeding or impact to the dyes.

The carpet is cleaned with enough repetitions using tools that won’t alter the texture of the rug and repeated dry passes to ensure that much of the moisture is extracted.

High quality cleaning agents are used that are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. There are instances where specialty cleaning supplies are used to attempt to resolve problems such as yellowing due to pet stains or removal of substances such as paint, ink or anything that might alter the surface color of the rug. Those cleaning agents are used at a minimum and thoroughly rinsed out.

We move and position the furniture in their original location, and use disposable protective tabs and blocks where necessary.

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