There are several acceptable methods for professionally cleaning wall to wall carpets.  Examples are steam cleaning also called hot water extraction is by far the most common, dry cleaning, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, and shampooing.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because it is more thorough and effective at removing embedded soil and provides superior results.  We use this process.  Although we follow the industry recommendation of cleaning carpets annually, this can vary by household. Pets, children, and heavy traffic will influence the need to clean things as well as other factors.  Carpets should be cleaned as a part of routine maintenance and to prolong their useful life.

Vacuuming carpets at least once per week is essential to avoiding premature damage caused by things such as dirt particles or sand which are abrasive to carpet fibers, or oily substances tracked in from garages or recently sealed driveways, tar and other substances which help stains bond.  This simple procedure is the most important in extending the life of all carpets.

Our process:

We inspect the carpets for high traffic surface wear, color loss, and other factors so that we can explain what needs to be done and how to properly maintain things.

We move most furniture so that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, and use protectors under furniture legs and edges.  We have special tools to reach under beds if they can’t be moved.  We focus on high traffic areas, discoloration along the perimeters of the carpet and anything else that requires special attention.  Our objective is to give the customer the best possible cleaning.

We only use high quality cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and have a proven track record of effectiveness and reliability.  Our carpet cleaning agents are biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.  Our cleaning agents leave your carpets smelling fresh.

When necessary, we use specialized cleaning agents to remove difficult stains such as water based paints, pet yellowing, and a variety of spills that can cause damage and require more advanced cleaning techniques.  These types of cleaning agents are non-toxic and rinsed out thoroughly which is important so that no residues remain.

Most cleaning agents are also designed to disinfect and eliminate odors.  There are situations where specialized disinfectants and deodorizers are necessary to treat odors caused by unusual dampness, mildew, pets and other unique situations.  These products are highly beneficial for these specific purposes but usually unnecessary otherwise.

You’ll find our services to be high quality and a good value.  We’re always happy to answer questions or provide advice. 

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