UpholsteryCleaningUpholstery cleaning is important to ensuring the useful life of your furnishings.  Although a sudden stain gets your attention, constant usage, children, and pets create more of an ongoing need to maintain your upholstery before subtle damage becomes more difficult to resolve.  Perspiration, greasy fingers, natural body oil, environmental contaminants from clothing or dust, and a variety of things create conditions for stains to bond.  Although frequent vacuuming is highly recommended and should be done at least once a week, at some point professional cleaning is advisable to restore things to a more pristine and stain-free condition.  

Our upholstery cleaning process is thorough to ensure the best results.  All cleaning agents are safe, environmentally friendly and high quality so that your items look like new.

1)  We inspect the fabric before cleaning so that we proceed in the safest manner.

2)  Difficult stains such as water rings, water marks, wine stains, pet stains and others are treated in advance so that these types of stains are easier to remove.

3)  The entire sofa and all cushions are completely cleaned to ensure the best consistent look possible.  Plus, we also clean the designer pillows at no cost.

4)  Contoured edges of upholstery and piping which are more delicate are cleaned by hand since these are typically more sensitive and require more precise attention.

Because upholstery is sensitive to spills, we provide useful advice so that our customers are better informed should an unfortunate situation arise.

Although we have almost 27 years of cleaning experience, we still invest time testing and cleaning the latest material samples and keeping current with the latest industry best practices.

We encourage our customers to call us before they attempt to clean anything if they have any doubts about what to do.  This is important since upholstery is often delicate and can easily be damaged through improper cleaning or the use cleaning agents that are inappropriate that can result in permanent damage.

You will find our pricing to be very competitive and less expensive than many other cleaning companies.  We keep our costs down so that we can charge a better price.

Please see our BLOG section which has a more in-depth article on “How to handle upholstery stains and spills”.

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