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steam-cleaning1-559x420There are a variety of acceptable methods for professionally cleaning wall to wall carpets. You will often hear terms such as dry cleaning, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, shampooing and steam cleaning (also referred to as hot water extraction). Major carpet manufacturers typically endorse hot water extraction since it cleans more deeply and comprehensively. That is the process we use.

The drawbacks with shampooing and dry methods as stand alone methods are that they are more limited in scope.  Dry cleaning and shampooing carpets typically involve the use of a rotary machine.  With dry cleaning, a bonnet is attached to a rotary machine and is basically buffing the surface with repeated rinses of the bonnet as it soils.  It’s more superficial and doesn’t clean deep enough.  With shampooing, a circular nylon brush attachment is used on a rotary machine to scrub the carpet and it is vacuumed with a wet/dry vacuum.  It requires a different detergent concentration and also involves a wet/dry vacuum to vacuum out the solution.  With steam cleaning, unlike the other methods using a rotary machine approach and separate vacuuming, there is a variety equipment of designed to both spray a detergent solution into the carpet and simultaneously vacuum (extract) on contact.  The use of water pressure is generally better for carpets than the more abrasive approach involving brushes and bonnets.  The detergents are far more sophisticated and the vacuums more powerful.  Hence, you’re getting far less soap concentration and a cleaner process with immediate water extraction.  Hotter water is far more effective at dislodging dirt, grit, and oil based soiling.

Our system is thorough and the procedures we follow are not only important, but recommended. In evaluating an area of wall to wall carpeting, we take into consideration items that realistically shouldn’t be moved and make an allowance for them. We only charge for what we do. We move or get under almost all furniture so that the carpet is consistently cleaned. We pay careful attention to areas with high traffic, discoloration due to gradual wear, the perimeters of the carpet and anything else that requires special attention. Our objective is very simple: we want your carpets to look their best and last as look as possible.

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