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floor_brush_vacuum_tool_12Anyone who has cats and dogs understands that they feel a sense of entitlement as family members and relax wherever they choose.  As such, they leave the chore of cleaning up their fur to us.  This is particularly frustrating when the fur piles up.  If they choose a carpet or rug as their destination, vacuuming usually does the trick.  However, removing fur from upholstery is frustrating as it clings and doesn’t want to let go.  Even using a vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment with very flexible bristles can be a time consuming ordeal.

Well, there’s an easy way to do the job using a standard vacuum cleaner floor attachment such as the one shown. Because the bristles are short and stiff, this does the trick quickly on upholstery cushions, flat sheets on beds and most areas..  A few quick swipes and the fur is gone.  This eliminates the repetitious motion of typical upholstery attachment.  You can also buy smaller versions of the same tool with stiff bristles.

Please keep in mind that certain fabrics are very delicate and require very soft bristles.  But this is often great on upholstery that pets constantly enjoy lying on.  It’s practical, saves time and frustration.


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